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16th Judicial Circuit Court
40 N Main, Mount Clemens, MI 48043
(586) 469-7171

COVID-19 Response


For Civil/Criminal:

(1) We will begin holding out-of-custody matters remotely.  If the defendant does not have the technical ability to participate remotely, we are setting up a space in the jury room with a workstation for paperwork and access to use Zoom for video conferencing.  The defendant would still need to waive their presence in the courtroom.  When a defendant needs to utilize this space, the deputy for the courtroom would meet them at the front doors, take them to the jury room, and be present until the conclusion of the case.  If technical assistance is needed, Court IT will be available.

(2) Beginning Monday May 4, an in-custody schedule will be utilized (attached), so each Judge will handle their own in-custody matters remotely at their scheduled time slot with the jail.

(3) We will continue handling civil matters remotely.  Case evaluation will continue remotely.

(4) Collections will remain remote.

(5) Per AO 2020-08, jury trials are delayed until June 22, 2020, or as otherwise provided by local order, whichever is later.


For Juvenile:

(1) We will expand our dockets beyond emergencies and permanency planning hearings.  We have the capability to do any hearing type, but have no plans to conduct trials at this time. 

(2) The on-call referee will be available each day and every referee will have a hearing day where they will conduct proceedings remotely with the public via Zoom.  They each have a hearing day so that we don't have attorneys, probation, and DHHS having Zoom hearings scheduled in front of multiple jurists at the same time. 


For FOC:

(1) The referees will increase remote hearings with the public. 

(2) Increase remote investigations.

(3) Institute remote SMILE program.


For Probate Court:

(1) Increase the dockets, beyond emergencies, to be conducted remotely with the public.

(2) Very limited public allowed in the building for emergencies only.  Continue to utilize the virtual desk and both courtrooms to keep the public and staff safe.


Contact Information for Remote Hearings

Click here if you need to provide contact information to the court for remote hearing.  Fill out the form and submit to the Clerk's Office.  



  • Click here for Supreme Court COVID-19 Response Info
  • No jurors are required to report for jury duty at this time.
  • All case evaluations may be conducted via telephone until further notice. 
  • All fax filing convenience fees are waived during the State of Emergency, and all documents may either be e-filed, fax filed, or filed via U.S. Mail. The Clerk's office is accepting in-person filings by appointment only.
  • Instead of coming in person to make court ordered payments, please make payments online or by mail. Please see instructions for both at
  • Newly accrued late fees will be waived until further notice.
  • Court appointed attorneys may submit their bills early during the state of emergency.
  • If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or are under quarantine, please contact the judges’ staff by phone as soon as possible to make alternative arrangements.
  • The Macomb County Prosecutor’s Office is open to phone conversations and email correspondence to handle pretrial matters and stipulated adjournments during the State of Emergency, and can be reached at 586-469-5350.
  • The Macomb County Bar Association is operating remotely until further notice.
  • The Turning Point PPO office is closed for in-person visits. Please call 586-469-7494 for assistance.