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Macomb County’s Tuskegee pilot receives Congressional Medal of Honor

Born and raised in Clinton Township, Vincent Ivor Mitchell was the son of Norman and Louisa (Applewhaite) Mitchell, both from British Guiana. Mitchell graduated from Mount Clemens High School in 1940 and trained at the Tuskegee Army Airfield where he graduated in 1944.

Anton Art Center to host grant celebration

In 2018, the Anton Art Center awarded more than $44,000 in mini-grants to 19 organizations and individuals in Macomb and Oakland County. The grants, which are made possible through the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs, support arts and culture programming and professional or organizational development. This funding is essential for small nonprofits, educational institutions and individuals working in the arts. It allows them to pursue opportunities that enrich our local communities, making them vibrant, desirable places to live, work and play.

Macomb’s Undersheriffs

After a 42-year career at the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office, Undersheriff Kent Lagerquist retired Jan. 16, 2016. He began his career in 1974 as a corrections officer and worked in several divisions until he was appointed undersheriff in 2000. He spent one of his final working days in a ride-along in his son’s patrol car.

Macomb County’s first woman elected to public office

Born in Mount Clemens on June 11, 1881, Alice Louise Tucker was the first woman elected to public office in Macomb County. She was the daughter of John and Agnes (Lacey) Tucker and a descendant of William Tucker, the first English-speaking landowner in Macomb County. William had settled his family on the banks of the Huron (now Clinton) River in 1784 and was the owner of the Denison family who served as slaves on the Tucker farm.

Sylvester Barbret

Along with his growing family, Sylvester Barbret made Macomb his home in 1921.  He had a small farm west of Gratiot off 11 Mile in what became the City of Roseville.

Riding the Rails – 1912

For me there are a lot of things that just can’t be duplicated. Many of them are from my childhood, my Great Aunt Katie is one. Around her, my brother and I definitely sat up straight, elbows off the table and knew what every utensil was for – right down to the condiment fork. And apparently I can’t duplicate the beautiful books she gave us either – classics like Wind In the Willows. Treasure Island and Arabian Nights. Hardcovers with dust jackets and engraved illustrations. Books like that you just don’t see in the stores anymore.

Sheriff “Big Jake” Theut

On New Year’s Eve, Jan. 1, 1941, a crowd of nearly 300 supporters thronged the streets and walkways of downtown Mount Clemens to help celebrate the induction of Jacob Frank Theut into the office of sheriff. Amidst the sounds of the crowd, noise makers and city police sirens, Theut led his parade from the County Building to the old jail on Front Street, followed by newly appointed Undersheriff Harley Ensign, process server Edward S. Calahill, Matron Gladys Burr and Edward W. Kunath, instructor of deputies.

The Interurban Rail – 1901

As a very young boy growing up in the 1950s, I was close to my grandparents. They lived in the flat above my parents and my older brother and I in our two-story house on Balfour Street in Detroit. When my mother got tired of minding me, she would send me upstairs to visit with my grandmother and grandfather. Fired up by my grandparents’ stories, I dreamt of growing up to be a railroad engineer. My grandparents told tales of my great-grandfather, who had been a conductor on the Wabash Railroad. They also told of traveling on the Interurban Rail, referring to it as the Rapid Railway System. As a child I imagined that it was a real railroad running through the heart of Detroit and out into Macomb County and beyond.

John C. Charbeneau: The Christmas Tree Man

John Charles Charbeneau, born Dec. 31, 1856, was a lifelong resident of Mount Clemens. Known by many as “The Christmas Tree Man,” he sold Christmas trees on his property for over 40 years that he grew on his Black River, Alpena property.

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