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Circuit Court
40 N Main, Mount Clemens, MI 48043
(586) 469-5208



Undersheriff Elizabeth Darga

Undersheriff Elizabeth Darga started at the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office in 1987 as a Corrections Officer. She was promoted to Deputy Sheriff in 1991, Sergeant 1 in 1997, Sergeant in 2000, Lieutenant in 2002, and Captain in 2011.  During her career with the Sheriff’s Office, she has worked as a Traffic & Accident Investigator, Evidence Technician, Fire Investigator, Detective/Team Leader, Macomb Auto Theft Investigator, Uniform Services Lieutenant, Detective Lieutenant, and Administrative Services Captain.

Elizabeth Darga was appointed to the position of Undersheriff on January 16, 2016 by Sheriff Anthony Wickersham.  In this role, she oversees the day-to-day operations of the third largest sheriff’s office in the State of Michigan.  Undersheriff Darga’s responsibilities also include the department’s $67 million dollar budget while managing over 500 employees.  Some of her other duties entail: labor contracts and negotiations, disciplines, and lawsuits.

Undersheriff Darga’s educational background consists of:

  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Wayne State University - 1986
  • Master of Science Degree in Administration from Central Michigan University - 1995
  • FBI National Academy - 2006
  • Northwestern Police Staff and Command – 2009

Undersheriff Darga is a member of the Macomb County Association of Chiefs of Police, Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police, Southeastern Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police and the International Association of Chiefs of Police.


Captain John R. Roberts Chief of Staff

Captain John Roberts is currently the Chief of Staff for the Macomb County Sheriff's Office. He is the former division commander, which areas included the Detective Bureau, Evidence Technicians, M.A.C.E.(Computer Crimes), Youth Services, Special Enforcement Team, C.O.M.E.T., M.A.T.S.(Auto Theft), S.W.A.T., and the Training Division among others.

Chief of Staff Roberts began his career as a corrections officer in 1983. He worked various areas throughout the Jail. He was promoted to deputy where he worked various assignments such as Marine Division, Evidence Technician, Township Sub-Stations, and Traffic Division.

He was then promoted to Corporal (Sergeant-1) and worked various assignments including the Detective Bureau. He was promoted to Sergeant where he worked as the Administrative Sergeant in the Detective Bureau and on the Marine Division. Later he was promoted to Lieutenant where areas he worked included the Marine Division and Uniform Services Lieutenant. In 2001 he was promoted to Chief of Staff and was placed in charge of Jail Operations until 2007 when he became in charge of the Administrative Services Division. In 2011 he was promoted to Chief of Staff.

Chief of Staff John Roberts has received several commendations and awards from the Sheriff’s Office and other agencies. He has continued his learning experience throughout his career attending college and an extensive list of training classes and seminars. He is a graduate of the Northwestern School of Police Staff and Command, the FBI National Academy, Leadership Macomb, and the Macomb County Leadership Training.



Captain David Kennedy was hired at the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office in 1990 as a Corrections Officer and later promoted to Deputy Sheriff in 1994. Captain Kennedy was first assigned to the Afternoon Shift Road Patrol for just over 3 years. He then was transferred to the County of Macomb Enforcement Team (C.O.M.E.T.) where he worked as a detective with the Violent Crime Task Force (V.C.T.F.).

Captain Kennedy was promoted to the rank of Sergeant-1 in March of 2000 and then promoted to the rank of Sergeant in September 2002.  Captain Kennedy was transferred into the Detective Bureau in 2003 where he remained as an investigator/team leader until 2011. During his tenure as team leader, he oversaw four other investigators while investigating property crimes and crimes against person(s).

Captain Kennedy was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in 2011 working the midnight shift and later commanding the Macomb Township substation.  In 2012, Captain Kennedy was transferred back into the Detective Bureau as the commanding officer. This position included supervising detectives, Youth Bureau, Computer Crimes, Friend of the Court investigators and the polygraph operator.

Captain Kennedy was promoted to the rank of Captain in January 2016. He now oversees all investigative units within the Sheriff’s Office including: Detective Bureau, Sheriff’s Enforcement Team, Macomb Auto Theft Squad, S.W.A.T. and the Training division.

Captain Kennedy’s educational background:

  • Fenton High School – 1982
  • Siena Heights University – Bachelor of Applied Science – 2008
  • Macomb County Public Service Institute Center for Police Management and Leadership Studies - 2011
  • Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command - 2014


Captain David Daniels

Captain David Daniels is currently the Uniform Services Division Commander.  He supervises all Road Patrol Operations including the Marine Division, Dive Team, COMTEC Dispatch Operations, Traffic Services, Court Services – Circuit Court and Transport, as well as all Reserve Units.

Captain Daniels began his career in February 1988 as a corrections officer.  He worked the area of the jail that housed inmates from the Michigan Department of Corrections.  He was later assigned to the booking intake desk.

He was promoted to Deputy in 1996 where he was assigned to the Harrison Township substation.  Captain Daniels also worked in the Traffic Division as an Accident Investigator and Breath Test Operator.

Captain Daniels was promoted to Sergeant in 1999, where he was assigned to the Detective Bureau.  He also worked at the Macomb Auto Theft Squad (MATS) for 4 years.

Captain Daniels was promoted to Lieutenant in December 2006.  He worked as the Administrative Lieutenant where he served as the Southeast Michigan Regional Citizens Corp Director.  He was later assigned back as the Supervisor of the Macomb Auto Theft Squad overseeing 7 investigators from 5 different law enforcement agencies.

Captain Daniels went from MATS directly to supervise the Sheriff’s Enforcement Team (SET) in 2012.  In total he has worked in plain clothes/undercover capacity for 10 years, investigating and supervising auto theft, fraud, narcotics, major crimes and fugitive apprehension cases.

Captain Daniels is a lifetime resident of Macomb County.  He attend Macomb Community College and is a veteran of the United States Marine Corp.  Throughout his career, he has received numerous citations from the Sheriff’s Office, as well as other agencies including Michigan State Police, Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, Troy Police Department and Michigan Auto Theft Prevention Authority.


Captain Walter Zimny

Captain Walter Zimny is the Corrections Services Division Commander. He oversees all Corrections Services to include Inspections/Accreditations, Policies & Procedures, Mental Health Services, Food Services/Commissary, Medical Services, Prisoner Funds, Prisoner Phone Services, Substance Abuse, Counseling, Educational Programs, Ministry, Volunteers, Contract Administration, Community Corrections, Building Maintenance, Reimbursement and oversight of all Jail Operations Staff.

Captain Zimny’s career in Law Enforcement began in 1987 when hired as a Correctional Officer. He was promoted to Deputy Sheriff in 1990, Sergeant I in 1996, Sergeant in 2000, Lieutenant in 2002 and Captain in 2016.

As a Ranking Officer, Captain Zimny has held the titles of Jail Commander, Road Patrol Commander, Shift Commander, Youth Services Division Commander, Detective Bureau Lieutenant, Traffic Division Supervisor, Jail Operations Lieutenant, Training Division Supervisor and Office of Professional Standards Supervisor.  He also serves as the acting Reserve Unit Liaison for the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office Aviation Division and the A.C.E. (Accessibility Compliance Enforcement) unit within the Sheriff’s Office.

Captain Zimny obtained a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Wayne State University. He is a graduate of Northwestern University Center of Public Safety School of Police Staff and Command. He also attended the 251st Session of the F.B.I. National Academy in Quantico, Virginia.








Lieutenant Jeffery Brossard

Lieutenant Jeffery Brossard

Jeffery has been in command of the Sheriff's Marine Division since 2013. He started at the sheriff’s office in 1981 as an explorer scout.   He worked up through the explorer ranks to become the post Inspector. In 1986 Jeffery was hired as a Corrections Officer where he worked the state contracted floors and the booking desk.

Jeffery attended the Macomb Police Academy and was promoted to Deputy Sheriff in December 1991. He was assigned to the Bruce substation before transferring to the Macomb substation, where he spent many years as a community police officer.

In January 1999 Jeffery was promoted to Sergeant 1 and assigned to the detective bureau.  In June 2001 he was promoted to Sergeant and assigned to supervise dispatch and court transportation.  In 2003 he returned to the road patrol.

In November 2011 Jeffery was promoted to Lieutenant. 

Jeffery has degrees from the following universities;

2006 Schoolcraft College AAS in Fire Science.

2008 Siena Heights University BS in Public Safety Leadership.

2010 Mountain State University MS in Strategic Leadership.

In 2013 Jeffery graduated from 29th session of Staff & Command from Eastern Michigan University.



Lieutenant Lawrence Duda Jr.

Lieutenant Lawrence Duda is currently assigned as the Jail Operations Lieutenant.

Lieutenant Duda was hired in 1990 as a Correctional Officer where he worked various positions including Booking / Intake. In 1993 he was promoted to Deputy an assigned to the Traffic Bureau. While in Traffic he became a CVSA Federal Motor Carrier Inspector, Accident Reconstructionist, Child Safety Restraint technician and the project director for the Macomb County Traffic grants which oversaw the Alcohol and Seat Belt enforcements throughout the Macomb County area. In 2000 he was promoted to Sergeant-1 where he was assigned to the midnight shift command along with the Traffic Bureau. In 2002 he was promoted to Sergeant. In 2013 he was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned as the Afternoon shift Commander.

Lieutenant Duda’s educational background:

  • Clintondale High School – 1983
  • Associate Degree – Law Enforcement
  • Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command - 2015



Lieutenant Steven Briney



Lieutenant John Rollo

The Lieutenant in charge of Circuit Court Security and the Transportation Division.

John Rollo was hired in March of 1988 as a Correction’s Officer and was promoted to Deputy Sheriff in June of 1994.    After working primarily in the Traffic Division and a as Road Patrol Deputy in Harrison Township, Rollo was promoted to Sergeant I in 2001 and began working in the detective bureau.  While in the detective bureau Rollo was promoted to full sergeant and became Team Leader of investigations occurring in Harrison Township, Mt. Clemens and crimes occurring in other venues south of Hall Road.

After serving 9 years in the Detective Bureau, Rollo became the sergeant in charge of the transportation division in 2010.  In June of 2014 he was promoted to Lieutenant.  As a lieutenant, Rollo served as Jail Operations Lieutenant and Afternoon Shift Commander.

He was assigned as Lieutenant in charge of Circuit Court Security and Prisoner Transportation in April of 2015.



Lieutenant Robert Doherty

Lieutenant Robert Doherty was hired by Sheriff William Hackel in 1995 as a correctional officer. In 1997 Lieutenant Doherty was promoted to a Deputy Sheriff position. He was assigned to the midnight shift patrolling Macomb Township. In 2007 Lieutenant Doherty was assigned to the County of Macomb Enforcement Team.

In the summer of 2007 Lieutenant Doherty was promoted to the rank of Sergeant 1 becoming the afternoon shift commander. A short time later he was assigned to the Detective Bureau as an investigator. Lieutenant Doherty remained in the Detective Bureau becoming a full sergeant, team leader of the south end, and administrative Sergeant.

In 2015 Lieutenant Doherty was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant reassigned to the midnight shift. In 2016 he was assigned to his current position as the Administrative Lieutenant spot which oversees the training division, a civil service Liaison, and is in charge of scheduling within the Sheriff’s Office.

Lieutenant Doherty has received numerous commendations, from the Sheriff’s Office, Fraternal Order of Police and Macomb Township officials. Lieutenant Doherty is currently part of the Suicide prevention Coalition, Macomb County Citizen Corp, and the Macomb County Local Planning team. Part of his duties is to oversee the Macomb County Mounted Division Reserve unit. He previously was a member of the Macomb County Gun Board and a member of the child death review board.
Lieutenant Doherty is a lifelong Macomb County Resident. He attended Sterling Heights Stevenson High School. He continued his education at the University of Michigan majoring in a Bachelor of General Studies through the school of LS&A. He attended the Macomb Police Academy in 1997 and Northwestern Staff and Command in 2016.



Lieutenant Jeffrey Budzynowski



Lieutenant Jason Abro

Lieutenant Jason Abro was the first Chaldean-American hired by the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office and began his career as a dispatcher in 2001.  He later was promoted to Deputy Sheriff in 2003, fulfilling his childhood dream of becoming a police officer.  Throughout his tenure at the Sheriff’s Office, he has worked various assignments, including Road Patrol, Marine Division, Investigations, Macomb Township Substation and Mobile Field Force.

Lieutenant Abro was assigned to the Detective Bureau as an investigator from 2006 to 2011, later being promoted to Sergeant 1 in 2011 and being re-assigned as the Afternoon Shift Commander.  In 2013, Lieutenant Abro was reassigned to the Detective Bureau and held the position of Afternoon Shift Investigator and Team Leader.  He was promoted to full Sergeant in 2015, and became the Administrative Supervisor within the Detective Bureau.

In 2016, Lieutenant Abro was promoted to his current rank of Lieutenant and was designated to supervise the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office Detective Bureau.  As the Detective Lieutenant, he is responsible for overseeing the Detective Bureau, Youth Bureau, Friend of the Court Investigators, Polygraph Operator and Criminal Jail Investigations.  Lieutenant Abro is also responsible for the creation and supervision of the Crash Investigations Unit.

Lieutenant Abro has received numerous commendations, including Sheriff’s Deputy of the Year in 2011 and a lifesaving award.

Lieutenant Abro was one of the original members of the Sheriff’s Office Honor Guard and currently assists with overseeing its operation.  He also sits on the Friend of the Court Grievance Commission as well as the Macomb County’s Child Death Review Board. Lieutenant Abro was formerly a member of the Macomb County Gun Board.

Lieutenant Abro is a graduate of Macomb Community College and Macomb Regional Police Academy, and is a member of numerous civic and fraternal organizations. He completed Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command in 2017. 



Lieutenant Lori Misch


Tina Old sized.jpg

Lieutenant Tina Old

Lieutenant Tina Old is the Uniform Services Lieutenant.  Lieutenant Old was hired by the Sheriff’s Office as a Correctional Deputy in 1994.  She was promoted to Deputy Sheriff in 1995, then to the rank of Sergeant 1 in 2002, Sergeant in 2005, and to her current position of Lieutenant in 2016.  In her current role, she is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Midnight Shift Road Patrol and County Jail.

Lieutenant Old previously was the Commander for the Macomb Area Computer Enforcement Team (MACE) and has worked in other key areas of the Sheriff’s Office including, Corrections, Road Patrol, Marine Division, Youth Services and the County of Macomb Enforcement Team (Narcotics).

She received a Bachelor of Business Administration from Rochester College and graduated from the Macomb Police Academy in 1993.  Lieutenant Old has received citations for Professional Excellence and Command Officer of the Year.



Lieutenant Kevin Weldon

Hired by Sheriff William Hackel March 4th 1988 – As Correction Officer working the Jail Office and Booking.

Promoted 12-10-1991 to Deputy and worked Macomb Twp. And Harrison Twp. Marina Patrol.

Also during this time became a member of the Macomb County (SWAT) Special Weapons and Tactics Team, Trained as a Sniper and Became Sniper Team Leader. Also trained with Operational Tactics,           A Sniper Tactics and Operations school, ending with the only perfect shooting score in this class.

While still a Deputy also became Sheriff Mark Hackel’s first K-9 Handler with K-9 Harry. Was Certified with the United States Police K-9 Association, and took many First place division Honors in region 19. Apprehending many Felons for B&E’s, Fleeing Police, Peeping Toms, OUIL fleeing suspects, and found lost persons and Alzheimer patients that had wondered off.

Promoted to Sergeant 1, on 06-20-2002 and was placed in charge of the K-9 Unit, this Unit grew to 5 Handlers and their K-9.

 Transferred to Day Shift Road Command, then on 07-01-2005 Promoted to Sergeant and stayed on Day Shift as Road Command.

 Currently Anthony Wickersham promoted 05-07-2016 to Lieutenant and assigned to the Afternoon Shift as Shift Command.